Project 365 – Week 22

I truly enjoyed my birthday weekend! And it followed right up with my mother-in-laws birthday and a prom celebration fit for a princess!  And on top of that, my little miss showed me something about loving nature and science!

And importantly, this week included Memorial Day – sending thanks and prayers for all of the soldiers who defend ideals and freedom for others.

Project 365 Week 21

What a busy week!  From meeting the kindergarten class chicks to hanging out in the park for birthday-palooza, the kids were on the go.  They settled down a little bit over the weekend and little Mstr. played a rousing game of chess with our neighbor, then it was back to capoeira!  The kids were supposed to head to the Central Park Zoo for a big end of year class field trip to see the rainforest exhibit.  They were so ready for the adventure — but Mommie and Daddy certainly weren’t!  It turned out that it wasn’t meant to be… they missed the train with their babysitter and spent the day on a substitute adventure including Chuck E. Cheese and Imagine That!  For them, that was grand enough!  But they sure looked cute and stayed safe -and that was enough for Mommie and Daddy!


Project 365 Week 18

Although not exciting, I certainly enjoy trying to challenge myself to find new stories to tell.  Although this week was more mundane than others, it’s my story.  I was happy to be home after a trip, and to capture a busy weekend of our every day.  And we finished up the week getting ready for a party by spray painting horse shoes — the kids first experience and no one ended up covered in gold!


Project 365 Week 15

I love looking back at my photos from last years Project 365 and although I didn’t officially “finish,” the memories that come to mind as I look through the photos I did capture are wonderful.  I am making good progress this year too – not perfect, but pretty darn good, and as I tell my children, I am “being the best I can be!”  I will keep striving and enjoy as my craft and my story continue to develop.

This week was a big one – between a busy weekend, a big trip and nice family time, I love looking at how life is shaping up…

Project 365 Week 14

Another week and I am still hanging in there… hoping to continue and reach another big milestone.  Day 100 is in striking distance!  It’s great practice and I am enjoying finding the mundane moments and trying to tell an interesting story with them.  As my great grandfather would say, “Some days are diamonds and some days are stones!”



Project 365…Week 13

One of the primary things I want to share is my Project 365…hoping your interest will keep me accountable!  This week was an interesting one- lots of photos at the front of the week and they tapered off.  But I am still keeping it up (mostly) and hope to stay on track!

Week 15 Project 365


It’s fun to look back at the photos from my 365 last year.  Although I didn’t finish the year, I have a wonderful documentary of our life.  Between family trees, birthdays, adventures and travels to Arizona, this was a particularly wonderful week to chronicle.  I am sure I will look back on this week with a big smile all year long.