6 on the 6th (May)

I am really looking forward to the fantastic work of my fellow photographers in this months Blog Circle.

May is always a busy month in our house – we start off with my husband’s birthday, then Mothers Day… then that week my Mother would have turned 69 on her birthday.  This year we had a bit of a hiccup — my little Miss broke her collarbone on the 11th!  But we recovered and she is fully back on her feet!  We even had the opportunity to participate in a Batizado for the kids Capoeira – and they both got new belts!  You can see that post here if you missed it.

At the end of the month, it was my birthday – combined with Memorial Day!  We had a wonderful weekend with time in NYC and at the Zoo and then with friends.  The kids even got to see The Jungle Book!  So when I looked back at the photos from May, it was a perfect walk down memory lane and a good time was had by all — I hope you enjoy some of the memories as I do.  Don’t forget to click through the blog circle!  Next up is Desert Bloom Photography.


Project 365 Week 20

Such a busy week!  Between the final preparations for the Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira Batizado to the events themselves, our little ones were on the go, focused and determined! And I loved the challenge of capturing the moments collectively and individually (take a look at the post from 19 May for more).   Trips to the Doctor and finding ways to occupy Little Miss who is supposed to stay still made for more excitement!  And I have to say the beautiful blooms on my Mothers Day plant made for a huge smile mid-week.


I am excited to share the most recent accomplishment in the Smith Family… my little ones progressed in Capoeira and got new belts!  A Batizado is an annual event (and reunion) for the Capoeira Community and for us was a series of workshops, exhibitions and a troca del cordel (belt ceremony).  The kids even had the chance to perform at the Youth Showcase during the Newark 350 celebration!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and maybe one day my little ones will be as amazing as the long term practitioners we saw (Mestras, Contra Mestres, Professors, Instructors and more from all over the Americas)!

Little miss joined a Dance workshop (and she was overjoyed to be able to “shake her booty”!) and Little mstr. was able to play in the Roda to his hearts content!

Many thanks to Professora Amazonas and the Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira for such a fantastic event and connection to the Capoeira Community.



Project 365 Week 18

Although not exciting, I certainly enjoy trying to challenge myself to find new stories to tell.  Although this week was more mundane than others, it’s my story.  I was happy to be home after a trip, and to capture a busy weekend of our every day.  And we finished up the week getting ready for a party by spray painting horse shoes — the kids first experience and no one ended up covered in gold!


Project 365 Week 14

Another week and I am still hanging in there… hoping to continue and reach another big milestone.  Day 100 is in striking distance!  It’s great practice and I am enjoying finding the mundane moments and trying to tell an interesting story with them.  As my great grandfather would say, “Some days are diamonds and some days are stones!”





My little ones had a grand adventure yesterday.  My daughter has been asking to take Karate, but we’ve not found a dojo we (I) like yet.  However on Saturday my husband and I met some friends who suggested Capoeira.  In our area (check), good recommendation (check), of cultural interest (double check)… why not!  We took our first class and can I just say, the kids had a blast!!  My girl came over halfway through and said, “Mommie, I like it!” and ran back to the class!

Capoeira is an art and martial art form that arrived in Brazil with African slaves and developed over generations.  It’s roots are in Africa and combines rhythm and dance with fighting.  While the full history is not known, it may be descended from ritual displays of strength and ritual dance.  Between 1890 and 1930, it was banned and only practiced in secret societies and by Malandros (criminals).  Today, it is a flourishing cultural form and hailed as the National Sport in Brazil.

Brazil Cap 2007
Capoeira on the beach in Bahia, Brazil (c 2007)

For me the cultural piece is fantastic – my children are learning history, language, music and dance at the same time they are building confidence in a martial art! Big score – I hope they keep it up!

Check out the video clip below – gives a flavor of the class and I have to say the patience of the instructor was fantastic!!  Keeping little and mid-sized ones focused for 75 min… kudos!