AreVthereYet: Days 12 & 13

The road to and through St Augustine!

As we prepared for our next destination, Phil started the day with a batch of his very tasty cold brew. You know life is good when you can make cold brew in your camper.

We left Friday for St. Augustine and had an uneventful trip. Waze was a good navigator and routed us around the traffic on 95 entering Florida. It turned out the back up was due to COVID check points. We arrived in St. Augustine a bit behind our friends after stopping for a quick trip to Publix. They do have the best sweet tea after all!

I have to say I found it funny that it was about this point in our trip when Nala decided she had enough of riding in the back. She made herself a perch just behind Phil and I and ultimately ended up in my lap off and on for the rest of our drive time.

Our first afternoon in St Augustine was fairly laid back. The kids explored and our friend made the best mezcal margarita! It had a spicy/sweet rimming sugar and was very easy going down.

You have to love it when your friend comes prepared with a glass for every drink!

The next day we set off early to explore St. Augustine. That required another Uber trip, but it was ok.

Along our way, we found some unexpected treasures like this Andrew Young Crossing. Just walking away from a monument, I noticed the footsteps and decided to follow them. #supercool

We toured the Pirate Museum, walked through the old city and went to the oldest house in the US. The weather was lovely until we left there and after a brisk walk we had to find shelter to wait out the rain. After stumbling onto the Andrew Young Crossing, when I saw the back of a statue with a young woman who looked like she could be Black, I wandered over in the rain. It wasn’t quite what I expected.

After returning from our wonderful soggy ending day trip, we had a quiet evening enjoying the last night with our friends. The next day promised to be a journey as we planned to hear from St. Augustine to Bar Harbor, Maine!!

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