AreVthereYet Day 11: Savannah

We decided to have an adventure in Savannah and head into town to explore. Because we are in a motorhome, that required an Uber for us, while our friends unhooked their travel trailer and rolled out. We decided to do a hop on hop off trolley (which we’d done when our friends came to NYC a couple of years ago). We donned our masks and headed out!

Fortunately Uber has new protocols and the driver also wore a mask.

We had a really nice time in Savannah – it’s a beautiful city! We explored the old town area and a bit of the water front. And of course we found Savannah’s best ice cream. I have to say, though it was lovely, I think our Ice Cream at home is better 🤫!

I do have to say, that the Uber driver on the way home was fascinating. Her family has been in Savannah since the 1700s, but she is a diver, preparing to relocate to Bonaire in the Caribbean to start a dive and marine studies school. She had been in radio and TV for her career and seemed to drive Uber because she likes people and to keep herself busy. We had a great conversation on the way home and she was cool about answering all of my little mister’s questions and listening to his point of view about the oceans! She was also familiar with the Savannah social life and had a cameo appearance in, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”! If you’ve red it, she was the strawberry blond in the kitchen during one of the parties…

Enjoy Bonaire Maureen! I am sure the kids will visit one day. And they will ask the entire flight, “AreVthereYet?”

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