AreVthereYet? Day 10: Savannah

We had a good ride from Charleston to Savannah. We even took some time to stop at the Angel Tree on John’s Island. The kids were particularly interested in it because they heard about it during our tour in Charleston. I do have to say that the Angel Tree is 400 years old and it is stunning – we were careful to appreciate it gently.

We arrived in Savannah and set up for the evening. It was a nice campground, even though we were right next to the entrance. There was a lake and when I went over to take a look, I saw swans! I went back to get the kids with the reminder that they needed to maintain a safe distance. This was particularly important for my Little’s, who touch everything. And don’t let me start on my son, who decided to pick up a chipmunk and got a bite just last Summer!

Fortunately, the kids managed to appreciate the swans quietly and we went back to the RV for dinner. This was the first time we managed to get campsites adjacent to each other and we loved being able to run back and forth.

We enjoyed a super relaxing evening, including a movie for the kids, popcorn for everyone and talking late into the evening. Oh, and there were s’mores!

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