AreVthereYet Day 8

Three Days in Charleston! Day One!

So we had great plans to head out early on Monday and explore Charleston, but it was also my girlfriends birthday, so we had to have a special breakfast! Remember those crab balls? Remember those grits? It.was.on. I figured this was a great opportunity to use my new 3 qt instant pot and the air fryer. So the grits went into the small instant pot and I fried the crab balls in the 6 quart with our Air Fryer attachment.

Well I learned that my normal pot in pot method works much better than cooking the grits directly in the instant pot. I had to worry over those grits in that little pot more than I wanted to – first time I’ve seen the ‘food burn’ sign on any instant pot.

I just have to say, the crab balls were a big hit!! After a lovely but late breakfast, we went off to Charleston. We had the chance to learn about local history with Gullah Geechee Tours. Our guide was super informative and very passionate about history. The kids had so many questions and he answered each of them patiently and fully.

Given all that is going on, our visit was timely. We toured on Monday June 22 and on June 23 the City Council voted to remove the John Calhoun statue and on June 24, it came down!

After our tour, we went back to the camp site with a quick stop at a bakery to get some cupcakes for a birthday treat!

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