AreVthereYet Day 7

Well, today is Fathers Day!! Happy Day to all the Fathers, Uncles, Dad’s and important father figures. Phil had to make breakfast and break camp, but other than that we spoiled him mercilessly. Oh, and he had to drive and make the fire in the fire pit, but we gave him cards. Plus there were the chairs and stuff he had to haul so we could set up, but… Well, so at least we had good family time!

At the start of the day, the kids got up first thing and headed for the go carts. Then they figured out how to shuttle Phil and I around in some sort of 4 person cart. It was a little bit of a struggle going up the ‘hill’, but all in all it was cool.

And they are off!
A drive and a tour all in one
What a contraption!

We took off for Charleston and had a relatively uneventful drive. It was only a couple of hours and we arrived not too long after our friends did. And I was super excited because my Dad and my Barbara came to see us in Charleston! So, we got to share Fathers Day with 3 Dad’s! And our puppies had great fun hanging out with each other. Kizzy, made friends with both Rocky and Nala and Rocky and Nala were companionable. We had good fun swimming, riding bikes, sitting around the fire, eating s’mores and telling stories.

My son always seems to figure out how to get someone’s phone. Thanks my Barbara for sharing!
Grandaddy’ Ted’s Sunset bike ride!

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