AreVthereYet Days 6

What a weekend! We had a lazy start to Day 6, except for my son who ran off first thing! I was preparing breakfast when he came back to the RV with a report, “Mommie, I went to the desk and I’ve arranged for the use of a go cart! It’s free, I don’t have to pay anything!” Well if you know my son, he is a negotiator and will charm anyone, so I was doubtful. However it turns out that at the KOA in Myrtle Beach, the GoCarts are free and he and his sister took off for them! We didn’t see them for ages as they rode around the park visiting and exploring.

I was super excited to use my instant pot for breakfast! Phil pulled it out and I set out to make my grits! Instant Pots are great a solution for grits. You just set it up and the IP does all the work and watching!

…As a quick sidebar, honestly I’d been waiting all week for this! From long ago, when instant pots first became a thing, I remember seeing a story by someone who used an Instant Pot in their RV. I was sold! We didn’t have an RV, nor had I ever traveled in one! But, I was sold! So imagine how critical it was that we found space for the Instant Pot on our inaugural RV journey! And imagine how much I was looking forward to cooking with it! Now back to the RV…

I had everything ready, started the pot and watched it come to pressure. It seems pretty fast, but the pot was hot so it was working. I busied myself with my other tasks and when it was done opened it up, to see UNCOOKED GRITS. 😡. They looked just like they did at the beginning except now I messed up my foil seal.

About this time, hungry jack and hungry jane came back. I was forced to say I had nothing. I could whip something up, but no grits. Can you imagine what my son said, “it’s ok Mommie, I will wait for the grits.” With those eyes and that charm, I had to get them done! I redoubled my efforts, but after another attempt, I gave up and put them on the stove. We finally had grits around 12:30p and the kids snacked on them (plus the sausage I made) throughout the day.

While the grits were a bust, I figured out how to use my IP as a slow cooker to make my rice and peas. They turned out well, except that I forgot to season them because of the pain of my grits. Hey, salt anyone?

After our run to Walmart for my 3qt Instant Pot.

As a final note, I must say that later that day, the Instant Pot redeemed itself. I was so disgusted with my IP failure I went and got another (that’ll show it 😂). It was a good thing though because Phil had to make spaghetti — it was our plan B meal, but he couldn’t grill because it rained. So there we were, 8 people in our RV with 2 instant pots humming for dinner in the rain. AreVthereYet?

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