AreVthereYet Days 3&4

The adventure continues! We left Grandma and Granddaddy’s and drove to Hampton Roads Winery in Elberon, VA.

Short drive but still time for a little rest.

What a lovely place! Driving in through the lane bordered by Magnolia Trees, past the stately house and the Winery Building, the kids were excited to see the vineyards. After parking and settling in we had a private wine tasting including the “house white”, red blends with Norton grapes (native to Virginia), and a wine slushy. And they have goats – the worlds largest goat tower and live in goats!

David and Dianne, the Vintners, were wonderful and very hospitable. For our first evening ‘on our own’ it was the perfect place to relax and explore.

The next morning we got up, did a little more exploring and then we were off to Wilmington, North Carolina. Fortunately we had the chance to meet and catch up with one of Phil’s best friends, Uncle Rodney on the way.

We spent Thursday evening with my cousins Alice and Jeff in Wilmington, before going to our campground. It was great to catch up and the kids got to share lots of stories of our travels and play a little piano (which made me very happy)! Thanks so much to Alice and Jeff for hanging out with us!

We arrived at our first campsite, hooked up and turned in for the evening – it had been a very long day! Until tomorrow, when we are off to our next adventure and the kids ask, “AreVthereYet?”

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