AreVthereYet Days 2 & 3

The adventure continues

We made it to Grandma and Granddaddy’s house. Phil is the real MVP! After 2 weeks of non stop work around the house and packing for the RV trip of a lifetime, he drove 8 hours (including 2 stops) from NJ to MD.  What a champ!

Parking was a little tricky, but he managed a three point turn (in a 29 foot camper is that like an 87 point turn?) into a parking spot in his parents driveway. And he extended the slide out! That was amazing because I was so tired I would have gone to bed without it.

We all slept well, even as we tried to acclimate to the sounds of the outdoors. It’s like sleeping in a tent, you hear every scratch and wind gust like it’s right there.

So happy we are at ‘home’. We get to try everything out with the safety net of a real bathroom and some extra supplies to secure anything that doesn’t stay in place (painters tape anyone). And lots of special time with Grandma, Grandaddy and Aunty Auntie!

We spent the next day getting settled and being spoiled by Grandma and Granddaddy. We had a wonderful breakfast and kid koverage while we went grocery shopping. Then we finished up the day with a blue crab feast in the evening — it was so nice being there. The kids got to ride on the boat with Grandaddy!

We even got to hook up the electric to the house and lived without the generator for the time we were there. What a wonderful way to ease into RV living.

On Day 3 we woke up and started preparing to leave. Granddaddy had 1.5lbs of fresh crab that he’d picked out of the shells and I was able to make crab balls. That is certainly going to be a treat on the road!!

Fresh from the crab pot and picked by hand!

Crab balls ready to travel. Popped them right in the freezer and we will be ready to airfry them – yummm!!

Getting set up to hit the road… And one more special gift from Grandma… but I will wait to share.

Here we are ready to head out! Thanks so much to Grandma, Granddaddy and Aunty Auntie for a super fun visit on our adventure! Now we are off to the Hampton Roads Winery in Virginia. Anyone want to guess how often we will hear, “AreVthereYet?”

One thought on “AreVthereYet Days 2 & 3

  1. Teapot and GiMi😊

    Love it! So glad you all are having a great time. Way to go Phil! Crab balls look yummy Melani. Waiting to hear more.


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