AreVthereYet? Day 1.

Well, the Smith Family is off on another grand adventure! Starting today, we are heading out on the Great American Family Road Trip, in an RV! Stay tuned for posts on this site and our new site, “AreVthereYet” (once I figure out how to set it up)!

In the meantime, I just have to say, we have So.Much.Stuff! It seems we packed for the entire summer, so if we get inspired, we can always return the rental, buy an RV and head out again!

The kids did an amazing job getting ready and they were only mildly frustrated when we were behind schedule. This is in the last 5 minutes before we got on the road.

We underestimated the amount of time to get to the RV Rental, but we finally arrived around 2pm (2.5 hours behind our 11:30a planned arrival). AJ gave us a tour of the RV, who the kids have named, “The Big Dipper,” and while Phil loaded the RV and before I unpacked the items we could fit in the camper (thank goodness for under camper storage), I took a quick selfie. Still practicing social distancing even in the great outdoors.

Peyton took the first shot at narrating our trip, and although she wants to work on videography, here is a clip.

After we finally got settled, here we are, finally on the road – ready for our trip to begin…

About 5 minutes into the journey, Nala decided to relocate to get closer to the action and Peyton decided to cuddle up.

Today we have to get to Maryland to see Grandma and Grandaddy, but it’s going to be a long 6 hours. In the time I’ve taken to write this post, we’ve been asked 50’eleven times for dinner and had to make one bathroom stop. And now the kids have switched around:

I think the littles are settling down a bit, but I am sure they are wondering… AreVthereYet?

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