Smith Family Quarantimes Wk 6

Well really, weekend 7!

We started off with a bang- the kids watched the NFL Draft and loved every minute! Meanwhile, Phil and I were on the Vanguard Theater Company Happy Hour. It was a great success and the drinks were awesome!

On Saturday we had a family outing to Krispy Kreme… I’d been thinking about it all week and then… poof they had buy one dozen get a second free! I love a sale and Phil found a deal so off we went! There is no evidence, but we have fond memories and plenty to share with friends. No touch curbside Krispy Kreme delivery was a success!

Phil officially moved his plan for cold brew forward – we took photos for his advertising. I was pretty happy with how they turned out!

The kids started their second round of the 24 hour fort challenge. They built their forts in the family room and hunkered down. Family movie time and dinner on Sunday were the highlights for me.

The fort challenge had the added benefit of giving me lots of time to knit mask mates! I made the set shown on the class table, but have been making them with the kids for a few weeks. This time I made some to mail to the nurses in our lives!

On to week 7, we will see what that brings!